Gute has created a catalogue
where the specifications of
all tested and approved products,
currently used by the most important
worldwide manufacturers of agricultural
machines and equipment, are illustrated.



For applications typical of the
construction market, quick-release
couplings are required to be
adapted to work in dusty environments
with sand and other dirt particles
present in the air

All types.

Supplying complete range of quick disconnectors. Cover all the series on the market.

rich experience

Yuyao is famous for  plastic moulding.Thanks to the moulding hydraulic press which bringed quick disconnects into china,GUTE could be the earliest  manufacturer in china (since 1992).

Full service.

Customer Support Teams are in continuous communication with customers to keep them up-to-date and to get valuable.Also hope our corporate customers gives a close service to the end customer.

Quality with nice price.

Ensures that GUTE products fully meet customer requirements

Welcome to the GUTE.

 GUTE product summary includes various ISO interchanges, heavy duty connect-under-pressure designs, extreme high pressure designs and innovative flush-face, non-spill models.!AND more…


Series of standard component


Cover all dimensions

100+million RMB

Amount of sales around the world

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