Hydraulic Quick Coupling

GT-K2 Series

The GT-K2 Japanese type are non-valved couplings for applications where maximum flow is required.Their smooth ,open bore offers the lowest pressure drop of any quick coupling design and is ideal for applications such as high-pressure water and steam washers,carpet cleaner and mold coolant lines and many other non-valves applications.

  • The smooth ,open bore with no valving in either half offersminimal pressure drop and allows easy cleaning in applications where the same lines are used for more than one media.
  • GT-K2 couplers and nipples are machined from solid bar stock providing the quality coupling that is durable.
  • GT-K2 couplers are available in stainless steel ,brass.
  • GT-K2-KA is an “interchange”coupling because the dimens ionally and functionally can interchange with similar couplings made by other manufactures.