Hydraulic Quick Coupling

GT-L2 Series

GT-L2 series is an thread-to-connect. it can be widely used in various applica-tion. this application be connected under pressure and less spillage.

GT-L2 series can be suitable used in connecting equipment of the hydraulic lines like power tongs,swivels and mobile drillings,it also windely used dump trac-ks,and dump trailer to connect with to wet line hydraulic system.And it also suitable used in submersible pumps,engine test stands, and the equipment require connect under high pressure or high liquid transfer.

  • Heavy-dust wing nut is ruggedly built specificaly to with stand the hammer blows commonly used to tighten and loosen this couper.
  • Assembled valve seal can permits full pressure connect and disconnect,without seal washout.
  • The flush face valve keeps air inclusion and spillage to a minimum.
  • Corrosion resistant brass coupling,makes it compatible with a widely range and provides windely functi-onality.