Hydraulic Quick Coupling

GT-TC Series

The GT-TC couplings which resistant super high pressure  are found in the construction,railway maintenance and house moving industries.Used on hydraulic jacking equipment,these coupl-ers eliminate costly down time caused by improperly connected threaded typ-es.for use where high pressure capability is required coupled with positive coupling action.Considerably faster to use than threaded types.

  • Positive valve stop,the perch maintains valve alignment and provides metal to metal valve stop to ensure that the valves openfully ,every time.
  • Precision machined valves with electrometic seal provide for positive shut-off upon disconnection
  • Hardened nipples and sleeves and solid barstock construction make for a quality coupling with maximum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.
  • Durable ball-locking mechanism assure reliable connection every time .a large number of locking balls distri-butes and workload evenly while providing alignment and swiveling action toreduce hose torque and prolong hose life.CAUTION:These products are not be used as swives;rotation under pressure will result in excessive and premature wear.
  • Sleeve locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection when coupling is dragged along the ground.
  • Resistant super high pressure